Friday, October 12, 2018

Ensemble PHOENIX to perform Haydn's "Sun" Quartets on authentic instruments

Myrna Herzog,Ya'akov Rubinstein,Moshe Aron Epstein,Rachel Ringelstein (Photo:Yossi Cohen)
Haydn aficionados are in for a treat this month (October 2018) when Ensemble PHOENIX instrumentalists perform the Opus 20 “Sun” Quartets, arguably Haydn’s first quartet masterpieces. These superb works may be seen as experimental and ground-breaking, representing an unprecedented flowering of Haydn’s string quartet-writing, this making the fullest use of four completely independent voices (still remaining vehicles for the composer’s characteristic wit and surprise) and establishing a high watermark to which every other subsequent composer of quartets has paid homage. We will hear the PHOENIX members in a version for flute and strings, the artists playing on period instruments - the string players (Ya’akov Rubinstein-violin, Rachel Ringelstein-viola and Myrna Herzog-’cello) will all play 18th century instruments with gut strings, Herzog’s bow actually dates from the time, as does Ringelstein's viola, and Moshe Aron Epstein will be performing on an original Classical flute built in 1780.


Tuesday October 23rd, 20:30, Israel Conservatory of Music, 25 Louis Marshall St., Tel Aviv
Reservations: 03-546-6228


Friday October 26th, 12:00, Eden-Tamir Music Center, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem
Reservations: 02-641-4250


Saturday October 27th, 20:30, The Studio, Beit Hecht, 143 HaNassi St., Haifa
Reservations: 04 836-3804


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