Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Three concerts - 2 viols and harpsichord - will take place in early February to celebrate Myrna Herzog's newly restored Lewis viol

Shlomo Moyal with Myrna Herzog (photo: Merav Moyal)
Dr Myrna Herzog’s two 17th century Lewis viols, bought in the space of 15 years, will  join in performance for the first time ever, following a long and almost-tragic saga. One, which had remained in Brazil, was severely damaged on an Alitalia flight some time ago. The scandalous occurrence made news worldwide. But there is a happy end to this tale. Over recent months, the instrument has undergone total restoration by Israeli luthier Shlomo Moyal. In Herzog’s words: “While I was considering to whom to give the instrument for such a vital restoration, Shlomo Moyal was highly recommended by friends whom I trust, among them one who is also a luthier. I then paid Shlomo a visit, saw the very high level of craftsmanship in the instruments he has made and in his restorations, and was convinced that the job could not be in better hands. And I was right. The result is AWESOME.”

To celebrate the instrument’s return to life and voice, the Israeli early music community will be able to join Myrna Herzog and Gio Sthel (Brazil/Germany) in recitals they will perform on the Edward Lewis viols, together with harpsichordist Marina Minkin. The concerts will present works of Forqueray, Corelli, Rameau, Schaffrath, Jenkins, Smorgonskaya and other composers.

 Wednesday 6th of February at 20:30
The Israel Conservatory of Music (Stricker), 25 Louis Marshall St., Tel Aviv
Reservations: 03-5466228

 Friday 8th of February at 12:00
The Eden-Tamir Music Center, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem
Reservations: 02-641-4250

Saturday 9th of February at 20:30 
The Studio, Beit Hecht, 142 HaNassi St., Central Carmel, Haifa
Reservations: 04-836-3804




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