Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Carmel Quartet closes its 2018-2019 "Strings and More" lecture-concert series with "Content and Contexts"

Rachel Ringelstein,Tali Goldberg,Tami Waterman,Yoel Greenberg (Photo:Michael Pavia)
The Carmel Quartet’s last concert for the 2018-2019 Strings and More lecture-concert series will focus on  “Content and Contexts”. Presented by its director and violist Dr. Yoel Greenberg, the quartet members will discuss and perform two works - Haydn’s String Quartet in E-flat Major, Op. 50 No. 3 and Schubert String Quartet in A Minor, D. 804 “Rosamunde”. Established in 1999, the internationally-renowned Carmel Quartet is one of the longest-standing and most versatile chamber ensembles in Israel. Dedicated to offering more to concert-goers than just fine performance, the quartet established “Strings and More” in 2007, a concert series with explanations and commentaries, enriching the listening experience by placing  compositions performed within a wider cultural context. The series is directed by Yoel Greenberg, with the other quartet members — Rachel Ringelstein, Tali Goldberg and Tami Waterman — enhancing the explanations with theatrical excerpts and literary examples. Occasionally including  guest artists, the series has enjoyed both critical- and popular acclaim. The lecture-concerts take place in five centres around Israel. The Carmel Quartet offers its Jerusalem English-speaking audience and non-Hebrew speakers an extra treat - events of the series held  in English, and in excellent English, at that! It is true that English is the current dominant lingua franca of international diplomacy, business, science, technology and aviation, but let’s face it: we English speakers, however long we have been living in Israel, just find a musical event held in English so very agreeable!

Content and Contexts
Presented in English by Dr. Yoel Greenberg
Haydn String Quartet in E-flat Major, Op. 50 No. 3
Schubert String Quartet in A Minor, D. 804 “Rosamunde”
Jerusalem Music Centre, Mishkenot Sha’ananim
Wednesday 26.6.19 at 20:00
In Hebrew:
Zichron Ya’akov: Sunday 23.6.19 at 20:00
Jerusalem: Tuesday 25.6.19 at 20:00
Haifa: Thursday 27.6.19 at 20:00
Tel Aviv: Friday 28.6.19 at 11a.m.
Tickets: 058-5853353 | www.CarmelQuartet.com | 135/120 NIS


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